The mission of the Patrick Townsend Memorial Health & Welfare Fund (“Fund”) is to render financial aid to the members of the law enforcement community and their immediate families due to medical and/or financial hardship. Additionally, the Fund supports charitable organizations dedicated to benefitting the health and welfare of children. The Fund also provides scholarships for the physically and mentally challenged children of members in good standing in New York State FOP Lodge 317. A “member in good standing” is a member who has paid his/her dues for three (3) years prior to the submission of an application for assistance or scholarship.


As a member in good standing in New York State FOP Lodge 317, the member, his/her spouse, children or step-children shall be eligible for up to a maximum assistance of Five Hundred dollars ($500.00). A member of the law enforcement community or his/her spouse, child or step-child shall be eligible for assistance of Two Hundred-Fifty dollars ($250.00). The total annual contributions to all charitable organizations dedicated to benefitting children shall not exceed One Thousand dollars ($1,000.00).


Eligibility is limited to a dependent child or step-child of a member in good standing in the New York State FOP Lodge 317. Applications are available on the FOP Lodge 317 website and limited to one application per child per year. There will be one scholarship awarded for a member’s child entering high school and another for a child entering college. In the event there are no scholarships awarded for a high school or college, then there will be two scholarships awarded for high schools or two scholarships awarded for college. In addition, one scholarship will be awarded for a member’s child entering a special needs program. The annual scholarship will be distributed in August of the same year the child or step-child will be attending an accredited school or program for special needs and the winner will be selected by lottery.

Patrick Townsend Scholarship App.
Patrick Townsend Special Needs App.
Patrick Townsend Hardship Fund

Patrick J. Townsend

8/11/43 - 9/23/01

Pat was born and raised in NYC and served honorably in the United States Navy. He married his childhood sweetheart, Barbara, and together they had three children and three grandchildren. In December 1965, Pat joined the New York City Transit police department. Upon completion of his Academy training Pat was assigned to uniform Patrol. In November of 1970, Pat and his partner were set up for execution by suspected members of the Black Liberation Army. Although seriously wounded by a blast from a sawed off shotgun both officers retained their weapons and wounded one of their attackers. Pat went on to serve with distinction in various plain-clothes assignments. These assignments included, TEU (Tactical Enforcement Unit) and the Stakeout Squad.

During his time on patrol Pat was recognized many times by the Department and many others for his diligent police work among his many awards are the Combat Cross and the highest of all Departmental awards, The Medal of Honor.

Pat was a PBA delegate for many years always looking to serve the people he worked with. In 1984 his peers recognized his service and dedication and he was elected to the PBA Executive Board as the Executive Secretary. He served on the PBA Executive Board for the remainder of his career that ended with merger of the Transit Police and City of New York Police Departments in 1995. Pat’s value, dedication and service was immediately recognized by the NYC PBA and he was retained to serve as a special advisor to the PBA president a position he held until his passing in September of 2001.

The thought amongst many who knew Pat is that so many heroes lost their lives on that horrific day on 9/11/01 that his assistance to serve was once more called for, this time in heaven. Many people pass this way but few will be remembered as fondly as Patrick J. Townsend.

Commendations and Awards

1970: Medal of Honor
1971: Received “Cop of the Year” Award from the Suffolk Shields
1973: Combat Cross
Also awarded 3 Meritorious Duty Commendations and 2 Unit Citations.
1975: Chosen “Cop of the Year” by Transit Police Steuben Association
1991: Chosen “Man of the Year” by the Transit Police Emerald Society
1992: Chosen Grand Marshall for the Transit Police Emerald Society for St. Patrick’s Day Parade
1994: Chosen “Man of the Year: by the Transit Police Emerald Society Bagpipe Band

Founding Member of the Transit Police Honor Legion

Vice President of F.O.P. Lodge 317
1982: Member of Community Mayors of New York and New Jersey working with Handicapped Children
1986: Elected Vice Commander of American Legion Post 460 (All Police Post)
1996/1996: President of the NY Shields
1990-2001: Served Deborah Hospital Foundation doing extensive fundraising through the Foundation’s Special Events and acting as liaison between Deborah and many police groups. Later became a member of their Deborah’s Board of Trustees
April 2000: Public Service Awards Program: Awarded Medal of Valor by “Cop Shot”
2002: Posthumously awarded the “Humanitarian Award” from the Community Mayors of New York and New Jersey